Can everyone message me what time it is where you are and what country you’re from? I’m trying to figure out when most of you are online and it seems like now but it’s 3:35am in Australia. I won’t publish just message me the time!

Anonymous asked:

If you could have any two super powers what would they be and why?

Mind reading so I could find out how fucked up everyone actually is.
And the ability to make people orgasm anywhere because I would just do that to assholes and embarrass them muahaha.. Also would come in handy for other situations

For people that ask me questions.

First of all if I don’t know you as a person, or haven’t shown any actual sexual interest on you do NOT demand
anything. It gets me angry, I get that a lot of stuff I post is very nympho, rough orientated but I appreciate those acts
threw consent. Screaming at me to do something will get you absolutely no where compared to the people that actually ask politely “could you (please maybe)…?” Will have a much more chance then someone says “fucking post this” or “fuck me.” It’s not appreciated and it pisses me off, learn how to talk to a girl or fuck off. Rant over.
Thank you to the actual decent humans on here, I really do enjoy and appreciate you guys. 💕💕

queenmaryjanes asked:

When are ya going to post a pic of your shaved pussy for me? You may have already posted one, but I perused your blog to no avail searching for a shaved pussy pic.

Just reblogged it then. I’m out I can’t go taking pictures where ever in am. especially at a friends. I find that rude.